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From the cover of  El Macriado , "The Voice of the Farmworker," December 1968.  El Macriado  was a newspaper published by the United Farm Workers (UFW) as part of their fight for farmworker rights.

From the cover of El Macriado, "The Voice of the Farmworker," December 1968. El Macriado was a newspaper published by the United Farm Workers (UFW) as part of their fight for farmworker rights.

El Teatro Campesino

El Teatro Campesino was founded in 1965 on the California picket lines of the Delano Grape Strike. This troupe of agricultural laborers performed their own actos (one-act plays) for migrant workers and their families on flatbed trucks, at public rallies, and in union halls to engage them in the struggle for better working conditions.

Read our conversation with Daniela Lieja, about LACE’s recent exhibition on El Teatro Campesino and how the Library, with your support, played a role:

Right now, we are under attack. There’s a project of erasing memory, of displacing people. This is the moment we need to defend our histories and reclaim our spaces. And to have an archive like the Library is so important because it’s where we can analyze, reflect, and act. Read more...


Daniela Lieja, a curator at LACE gallery, came to us for help with an exhibit on El Teatro Campesino. You make it possible for us to share these archives.

The knowledge and memory work of the Library only happens with your support. We are able to work with folks like Daniela and so many more, in ways that are affordable and accessible to them because of you.  

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A Needed Space

 Your contributions allow us to provide educators and organizers with the Library resources they rely on to do their work

• Working with the Tenants’ Union, we were one of the designated sites where people received assistance with the application process for Section 8 housing when the waiting list lottery opened up for the first time since 2004. We also serve as a regular meeting site for the Tenants’ Union as they organize residents in South L.A.

• When students at nearby Augustus Hawkins High School found themselves without a space to complete a mural they were working on for the 25th anniversary of the 1992 civil unrest, your support ensured we could provide them space at the Library.

 • We offered workshops and tours to youth leadership groups, community college classes, and university students. After one such visit, a professor from Southwest Community College told us: The students love the information about Charlotta Bass and the street cart vendors struggle. I want my students to feel empowered but I also want them to learn that when it comes to research, your library is a place for understanding what it means to build and organize. 

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If you make a gift of $50 or more, we will send you a set of greeting cards honoring the labor of farmworkers, as our way of saying thanks.

The cards are 4x5.5 inches, and there are 5 cards in a set. The inscription in Spanish means “The land belongs to those who work it.”